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Tips for travelers on the Lunar New Year "Tet"

As many of you have already booked the tour to Vietnam in the Lunar New Year called Tet Holidays.  After reading many advices in travel forums that you should not to be in Vietnam during this time you might be worried. Is it a mistake? For me, it is the great time to experience this beautiful culture. What you should know about this special occasion? Tet is not just a New Year festival in Vietnam, It is the time for all Vietnamese to come home for a family reunion Time for the children to receive sweets, lucky money and dress up, time for everybody to party all day and to have fun

Tet is when the precious local culture nourished Time to leave behind all sadness and difficulties. Time for us to thank ancestor and parents for giving us the chance to be in this world. Tet reminds us how wonderful this life is, just like the flowers in bloom. You are all welcome to any Vietnamese home to share the best moments in our lives. There are so many things that we do to celebrate this special tradition but I would give you some important ideas so that you know what to expect in Tet.


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