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The Ultimate Saigon Tour: Culture, History and Vespa Adventures

The Ultimate Saigon Tour: Culture, History, and Vespa Adventures

Morning: A Journey to Tay Ninh and the Cu Chi Tunnels

Kickstart your day with a thrilling adventure as we pick you up from your hotel in the morning. Your destination? The marvelous Cao Dai temple is located in Tay Ninh province. Here, you will witness a midday ceremony that's captivating and provides the perfect opportunity for some incredible photos. After your spiritual experience, savour a delectable lunch at a local restaurant before embarking on your next adventure.

Next, we will transport you to the renowned Cu Chi tunnels. This is a historic site that bears witness to the resilience of the Vietnamese people during the conflict. Begin your exploration on foot, starting with a short film that delves into the fascinating history of the Cu Chi tunnels. There are several options for the tunnel distance (we advise you to avoid wearing your best clothes as you will get hot & dirty).

The Ultimate Saigon Tour: Culture, History, and Vespa Adventures

As you venture deeper into the forest, you have choices of tunnel distances to crawl through, ranging from 30 to 100 meters. This immersive experience allows you to grasp the harsh realities of life during the war, where soldiers and their families lived and fought in the tunnels. Marvel at the presence of schools, healthcare rooms, hidden smoke kitchens, meeting chambers, and bedrooms underground.

The Ultimate Saigon Tour: Culture, History, and Vespa Adventures

As you emerge from the tunnels, take a breather with hot green tea brewed in pandan leaves and savour some steamed tapioca amidst the forest's serene surroundings. Afterward, embark on a brief stroll back to the car, which will transport you to the Wildlife at Risk shelter. Here, you will witness the incredible work of preserving rare animals and rescuing those mistreated by locals. A leisurely walk through this sanctuary offers fresh air, providing a perfect segue before returning to Saigon.

Lunch: A Local Culinary Delight

For lunch, we will take you to a local restaurant where you can relish authentic Vietnamese cuisine. This is the perfect way to refuel for exciting adventures in the afternoon.

Afternoon: Explore Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

In the afternoon, get ready to delve into the historical and architectural gems of Ho Chi Minh City. Our first stop is the War Remnants Museum, which houses an intriguing collection of machinery, weaponry, poignant photographs, and war documentation from Vietnam's conflicts with the French and Americans. This museum provides a unique insight into the nation's tumultuous past.

Continuing our journey, we will visit the iconic Reunification Palace. On this site, the American-led war in Vietnam ended on April 30, 1975. It was on this historic day that the North Vietnamese Army captured the palace, leading to the president's resignation. This palace symbolizes a significant turning point in the nation's history.

Our next destination will be two remarkable examples of French colonial architecture in the city: the renowned Notre Dame Cathedral and the Central Post Office. These stunning structures are testaments to Saigon's colonial history.

The Ultimate Saigon Tour: Culture, History, and Vespa Adventures

To enrich your exploration, we will take you to District 5, also known as ‘Cho Lon’, the largest Chinatown in Vietnam. Here, you will encounter a bustling commercial hub filled with temples, restaurants, stores selling jade ornaments, and traditional medicine shops. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere and visit the lively Binh Tay Market, which is even more crowded than Ben Thanh Market. While in Cholon, you will also explore Thien Hau Pagoda, dedicated to the goddess of the sea and popular among seafarers.

Evening: A Memorable Vespa Adventure

In the evening, embark on an unforgettable Vespa tour that promises a truly memorable and exciting adventure. Your journey begins at 6:00 PM when your tour guide picks you up from your hotel. You will witness Saigon come alive at night.

This Saigon night tour combines a night excursion and a street food adventure. This allows you to experience Saigon's nightlife like locals. Set off from our Vespa-themed café, an ideal place to sip on drinks and watch the world go by, as mentioned in the Lonely Planet guidebook.

Throughout the evening, you will indulge in various food and drinks at two local restaurants, savouring Saigon's authentic cuisine. Zooming through the bustling traffic on vintage Vespa scooters, you will pass by the city's famous landmarks.

The journey will take you to a Vietnamese-style coffee shop with live music, and the night will conclude at an exciting music bar where the younger generation of Vietnamese gather to unwind and showcase their unique styles.

Pricing and Inclusions

Price: $249.00 USD per person (based on a minimum of 2 participants).


· Private Car service

· English-speaking tour guide throughout

· All activities as mentioned

· Mineral water and tissue (2 bottles per person for one day)

· All entrance fees

· Set menu lunch

· Dinner on Vespa Tour

· Tipping/Gratuity for the day


· Personal expenses

· Meals not mentioned in the program

· Bank transfers will incur an additional USD$40 per transaction

· Credit card payments will incur an additional 4% fee

· E-Visa Service

· Travel insurance

· Other expenses not mentioned in the program

The Ultimate Saigon Tour is your gateway to exploring Vietnam in one unforgettable day. With an action-packed itinerary featuring history, culture, and culinary delights, this tour is essential for anyone seeking an authentic Saigon experience. Book now via our hotline at +84 902 88 0120 or email and embark on this extraordinary journey with us!


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