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First Impressions after reopening...

Like many countries, Vietnam endured a lengthy lock down which saw its tourism dwindle and as such, there was trepidation of what it might look like after reopening.

On my personal re-entry, I was overjoyed to see tourists lining up at the War Remnants Museum, walking around the Notre Dame cathedral and other major landmarks in Saigon. Tourism has returned and most importantly, visitors have been welcomed back with open arms!

One thing I’ve always appreciated about Vietnam is that it even at its peak it has never felt overrun by tourists. This is something that I could not say previously for countries like Mexico, Indonesia and Thailand.

However, with Vietnam tourism still at its lowest and certain to only get busier – there has never been a better time to tailor a truly memorable experience.

Let a member of our team plan an authentic and stimulating excursion for you, whether your touring for wellness, gastronomy, beach getaways, culture or a mix of all.

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